Achieving Brand Breakthrough has the same physics as a plane taking off!

Brand breakthrough is an accumulation of marketing momentum. Just like a plane taking off at 149 MPH, the plane is still on the ground, but at 150 MPH, its wheels lift off.

When you have built a brand promise that connects what you do best to what customers want most and the competition can not deliver as well, and then build a marketing platform that drives multiple touches to you target audience then brand breakthrough can happen. According to Sales Force, it takes between 6-8 touches to generate a sales lead.

According to the Online Marketing Institute, one reason it takes a multitude of touches to generate a sales-ready lead is the sheer amount of information required to deem a lead sales-ready: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe (BANT).

It often takes several touches for a consumer to make the choice to request information and even more for marketing to gather the information needed to determine if a lead is ready to be passed to sales. At the early stages of the buyer’s journey, consumers are often merely gathering information and building awareness about your products and services. Often, these interactions are not in-depth enough to provide the information necessary to qualify a lead.

Compared to marketing resources, sales resources and assets are often limited, even scarce. It's of vital importance for sales to optimize the use of these limited resources with the most qualified leads who are most likely to convert to buyers.

When marketing passes on leads that are not yet at the point of purchase, sales spends valuable time and information trying to convert leads who are just not yet ready to make a buying decision. As a result, leads which could have become sales-ready with the proper nurturing at multiple touch points are lost.

Brand breakthrough starts with connecting:
•    What is the prospect looking for?
•    How soon does the prospect plan to make a buying decision?
•    What are the budgetary requirements?
•    Is the contact the individual with decision-making authority?

These questions must all be answered, in most cases, to deem a lead sales-ready, and it’s not information that’s easily obtained via a simple web form. Gathering this information takes multiple, positive interactions where marketing representatives have the opportunity to establish trust and rapport, setting the stage for the sales team to close the deal at the appropriate time.