What makes great creative?

How do you develop creative solutions that are innovative in the marketplace but also appropriate for the industry landscape and existing expectations of the message recipients?

The fragmentation of technology brands combined with the plethora of media choices makes the ability of your message breaking through all the more difficult.

And let's face it, so many ads we see out there have no chance to break through, even if there was just one TV channel left on earth!  Loaded with features or the worst offenders are campaigns that attempt to portray real-life situations that are not believable.

But what is great creative?

The ability to translate complex problems and solutions to simple, impactful messages. Great creative has the fantastic ability to engage a consumer at an emotional level. It draws you in, and it leaves you with something, and you remember the brand.
Creative is all about me. Me the consumer that is. So it helps to think about it entirely from the customer’s point of view. Because that’s what they’ll be doing.

The following are eight tips to consider when constructing your next creative assignment.

  1. Stop me. The visual and verbal appeal must be arresting enough to cut through the clutter and stop people from turning the page or channel.
  2. Give me a reason to care. What’s in it for them? Why should they care? What’s the benefit? Your advertising is an opportunity to prove that you “get it.”
  3. Talk to me. Creative should be personal. It should reach across time and space and distance and deliver a relevant, meaningful one-on-one message that directly connects with people. It should make them say, “You understand.”
  4. Touch me. Connecting on an emotional level and making people feel something is the way to be remembered. People judge with their brain but buy with their heart.
  5. Keep it simple. If you try to talk about or show too many different things, people will take away nothing. Clear, focused communication is inviting to look at and read. And easier to remember.
  6. Surprise me. Avoid the trite, the cliché, the graphics and jargon that make it just another ad.
  7. Make me want to respond. Creative should work. It is a call to action, a drive to engage the target audience to do something. To work, it must motivate people to do something. Make a call. Change their minds. Want to learn more. Show up. Buy. Think of you in a new way. It doesn’t matter how many awards it wins if it doesn’t produce results.
  8. Make me remember. Good creative should have staying power. Creative is memorable and triggers an easy recall in the mind of the target. The recall is the hallmark of great creativity. It makes the job of every subsequent exposure easier.