Beacon TechMarketing puts you on the map—creating the recognition and reputation you need to cut through the clutter, tell an engaging story, build credibility, and open doors before you get there, to drive pipeline and conversion.

Our B2B category design program works in three ways to impact your selling model to drive higher quality sales prospects.


Category Design

Market intelligence

Standing out is about making the right choices to give your brand and sales messaging focus. Check out seven steps you need to make the right choices.


Reputation Building

Getting Heard. Content is the digital fishing bait of today's marketing.. It starts with storytelling. Your marketing fuel to connect to prospect needs and pains. To generate interest and leads requires a full arsenal of devices based on solving the problems the market is searching on.

Brand Amplification

Brand Reputation

Getting Noticed. Reputation Amplification creates the market energy to pull up demand. We use advance technology to infiltrate and influence digital conversations that build reputations, brands, or storylines. What if you could reach prospects before they were searching? You can with EdgeTheory


We are experts in delivering a compelling, laser-focused brand story that will build your reputation and position you as a category-leader.

You see technology. We see solutions—everywhere. Beacon TechMarketing combines market intelligence with creativity to find what others miss: insights that take your new technology solution beyond bits and bytes to a must-have resource. We pinpoint a motivating message that can’t be ignored; bringing you quality leads and the power to close them. Or… you can just let sales figure it out for themselves. What? You don’t have time for that? Ask what Beacon TechMarketing can do for you.