Our Marketing-as-a-Service can quarterback your marketing, save you money, and accelerate your results!

As marketing rapidly changes, new B2B technology companies struggle to keep up.  After talking to many technology companies, they tell us their biggest frustrations in marketing are:

  1. Lack of predictable sales funnel
  2. Wasting time on the wrong leads
  3. Lack of target market awareness
  4. Ineffective differentiation
  5. Wasted marketing efforts

But, it is a hair-on-fire word. Most technology firms with a lean and mean sales force have little time to do anything but focus on the urgent immediate events of the day.

Here is the rub, if you don't solve them, you will drown in their wake.


We have the solution. Our out sourced Marketing-as-a-Service is half the price of a full time Chief Marketing Officer.

Marketing expertise does not need to be your core competency. Instead, you can meet marketing needs more efficiently, with far greater expertise, and less infrastructure investment by reaching outside. Doing so elevates your ability to compete like the industry leaders, while still providing the speed to market and skill sets so many technology companies need.

For you, it will mean:

  1. translating market intelligence to answer the who, what, and why, before the "how" is crafted;
  2. revealing how what you do best connects to what the customer wants most and the competition can't deliver;
  3. getting an integrated plan that builds a systematic marketing road map with a complete array of tactics that create awareness, interest, consideration, and intent to open the door for sales evaluation and purchase; and
  4. you will have a marketing partner that garners buy-in on critical strategic inputs from all key internal decision makers, so there are no surprises to how we got there. 

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