Category Reputation Strategy Design

As a technology company with a new solution, breaking through the noise is just hard to do. The fact is game-changing technology uniqueness is not enough. Because as we all know, there is a graveyard of failed technology products. 

But when you look at how many tech companies market and package what they just invented, their uniqueness is not always evident. And often presented in a way that is just NOT compelling. 

Without disciplined thought behind product and solution category design, the results are often a sea of lookalike promises. The effect is a strained pipeline and lead funnel that for sales, is like pushing a string uphill. Why? Because their story is lost in the bits and bytes, which leaves you fighting head-to-head with your competition over who owns this feature and that attribute. 

They end up with a shmorgishborg of different markets, different messaging, different customer needs, different competitive offerings, and a long list of disconnected features that get lost in the clutter. 

Our approach systematically translates market data into powerful insights. The art and science of category design will reveal your product solution's true unique story and provide the framework to build the reputation required to create the market energy needed to rise above the noise. 

Beacon TechMarketing has successfully led this process for more than 300 organizations in a wide range of sectors from technology to healthcare to associations. We increase the odds of stronger sales performance by translating market intelligence and buying behavior into creative messaging that motivates action and accelerates results—reaching decision makers at the moment of truth – when they are searching for solutions.

We translate market intelligence to deepen understanding of your customer’s buying process and how your solution stacks up to competitive alternatives. Then we build a brand roadmap that improves targeting and reveals true market opportunities. The research we perform with your company, your products or services, your stakeholders, your competitors, and your audience drives our message strategy, so that we can make sure your brand stands out from the pack.

We use those insights to produce relevant, impactful content, sales messaging, and engaging brand stories. Matching the right message with the right target market to motivate action.

We accelerate sales performance by using the complete array of digital tools from SEO to SEM, email campaigns, to landing page conversion strategies, from social outreach to blogging, tweeting and YouTube videos to multiply your overall success—increasing awareness, building credibility, and supporting sales effectiveness.



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