Now market research and lead generation can be executed at the same time!

Consider these facts from national study's:

  • 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Market
  • Two-thirds to 90% of the buying cycle is completed before a B2B buyer ever speaks with a sales rep. – Forrester
  • Business buyers spend just 21% of buying cycle in conversations with salespeople, instead spending 23% of the time in conversations with peers and colleagues and -56% of the buying cycle searching for and engaging with content – IDG Connect
  • 70% of business technology buyers are at the RFP stage (request for proposal) by the time the vendor becomes aware of the opportunity – UBM Techweb.

Throw in the changing market dynamics and as a result, many new technology solutions simply don't have enough the brand cache nor number of leads in the funnel to make their selling model work.

That's where Breakthrough Tech Marketing comes in. With our affordable program, you can immediately start...

    Testing new Technology brand positions and instantly see what's winning in the market!
    Creating a steady stream of new prospects --- month in, month out!
    Tracking 100% of your marketing results!

See how we can start testing which brand messages and offers are the most effective differentiators hile generating a steady flow of new leads for your sales team.

The result? Higher sales and less marketing waste.

With our Go-Juice simple, fast marketing solution, we can help you determine if you have the right brand strategy.

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