Storytelling in a technology world

Technology marketers need to create excitement by building emotional connections with their customers, which can drive important purchase outcomes like purchase intent and pricing power. And it starts with great storytelling.

Many tech organizations are trapped in tactic-land. If you have a strong differentiated story to talk about, your communication in that marketing space can get you started. But to transform marketing from “good” to “great” you must understand your purpose—not just what you do or how you do it, but why. We’ll help you articulate your reason for being and begin telling that story to the world.

Your technology may be brilliant, but you have to sell it to human beings.

Great brands succeed by making emotional connections with customers. The world likes to think of organizations as rational and logical. The truth is, organizations are nothing but people, and those businesspeople are just as, if not more, influenced by emotion than everyday consumers. That means your marketing must create excitement, anticipation, and demonstrate how your brand can deliver both professional and personal rewards. Those emotional incentives can drive crucial outcomes including purchasing intent, pricing power, brand advocacy, and happy customers.

By getting personal, B2B marketers get ahead.

B2B purchasers are almost 50% more likely to buy a product or service when they feel it provides personal value —such as an opportunity for career advancement or confidence and pride in the purchase decision they’ve made for their business. In fact, they are eight times more likely to pay a premium for comparable products and services when they feel a brand brings personal value to them.

As Southwest Airlines once said about their communications:
1. We must intrigue them—captivate them with the way we look, the things we say.
2. We must entertain them— encourage them to think, to smile, or at least feel empathy.
3. We must persuade them— convince them that what we have to offer is genuinely unique and valuable. Otherwise, it is unlikely we will be invited back.
Making storytelling an asset to your business
Effective tactics are important and necessary. But the secret to your story is far more than facts and figures. When your messages are delivered as meaningful stories that connect with customers, board members, and employees on an emotional level, marketing has the power to not only drive new business today, but also to build your brand long term.