We need market credibility

You’re sick and tired of watching inferior technology solutions get all the love and the press. You’ve got better ideas, better technologies, and a better vision for the industry. Let’s package that knowledge and point-of-view and find a healthy outlet for all that pent-up thought-leadership

Once you’ve got something worth saying to new prospects (see our brand positioning page), you’ll need to say it—convincingly. That means honing target lists and matching media to message. We’ll use the press, the web, social media, analysts, channel partners, and anything else that serves our purpose: leads, conversions, and ultimately sales.

So, you want a communications plan that beefs up your profile. The fact is, thought leaders are not falling off trees, they are created with hard work. To start, that means conceiving and cultivating insights your competitors are either too timid or too short-sighted to embrace. Authority means exposure—big doses of attention from the small players, then the mid-size influencers, and finally the marquee kingmakers, the ones who pull the strings in your industry.   

Now combine those insights and that exposure with a tenacious ground game—a hunt for the most coveted speaking opportunities and the most prestigious awards, and an expansion of your social footprint, one toe at a time.

Services include trade awareness, category credibility, and marketing momentum

  • Trade Media
  • Digital Integration
  • Strategy & Integrated Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Blogger Relations
  • Message Development
  • Crisis PR
  • Media Training
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Article Pitches
  • Press Kits

Let's get started.